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Lupita’s Secret – bilingual

“El Secreto de Lupita” cuenta la historia de cómo las comunidades organizadas del sureste mexicano resisten ante los megaproyectos del mal gobierno. “He disfrutado mucho este trabajo porque creo firmemente que es importante explorar con dispositivos narrativos diferentes que sean didácticos, creativos y, por qué no, divertidos. “

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Privacy Policy and Terms of Service What information do you collect and what do you do with it?We collect the information necessary to carry out the action that you, the user, are initiating (for example, signing a petition or making a donation). We do not collect other personal information surreptitiously (for example, via tracking cookies from other sites or services). As a rule, what you voluntarily submit to us is what we receive, and we use it for the purpose that you intended. No one else will receive your information from us. What information do you collect from your newsletter?Schools …

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With Zapatista women leading ~ another cycle of life begins in Chiapas.

March 8, 2019 ~ International Women’s Day Today, indigenous Zapatista women throughout the highlands of Chiapas are selecting the fattest grains of corn from last year’s harvest for this year’s planting. Their strong hands skillfully shuck the seed from the mazorca.“These seeds, you see here, look. These go in the big basket,” she says, indicating the plump golden kernels from bottom of the cob. Her technique seems effortless as she demonstrates for her ‘Schools for Chiapas’ visitors. The smaller kernels at the top and any kernels that show the tiny holes of insect damage are placed in a separate basket, …

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Summer 2019 Research Fellowship

Español abajo Problem: Many springs and wells that provide water to rural indigenous communities throughout Chiapas, Mexico are drying up; this situation is creating an immediate crisis.  The long-term prognosis for water systems in rural Chiapas looks worse. Research position and objectives: Schools for Chiapas seeks an experienced researcher to carry out a detailed literature survey of academic and practical studies investigating forest-based ecosystems that have attempted to maintain and/or restore water table levels and recharge springs in the face of a drying environment.  The results of this three month research investigation will be used to implement climate-change abatement strategies …

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7 New Years Resolutions for 2019

We say YES! To Zapatista walls of love and education ~ NO! to Trump’s walls of hate and ignorance! SEVEN “SCHOOLS FOR CHIAPAS” NEW YEARS’ RESOLUTIONS FOR 2019 Dec. 30, 2018 Dear friends, Schools for Chiapas has made seven New Year’s resolutions for 2019 and we invite you to help us make them realities!  We especially welcome you suggestions and support.  Si se puede! 2019 New Year’s Resolution I ~ Build new Zapatista schools and classrooms! During 2019 Schools for Chiapas will finance the construction of three new classrooms in remote, Mayan communities of Chiapas, Mexico.   2019 …

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