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Zapatistas Respond to the Coronavirus – Schools for Chiapas pledges a Million Peso Donation. Please join us!

Donate now in support of the Zapatista Coronavirus response. On March 16, 2020 the Zapatistas placed their movement on RED ALERT and wrote, “Considering the frivolity and irresponsibility and the lack of seriousness of the bad governments and of the political class in its entirety . . . in the face of this absence by the bad government. . . we exhort everyone everywhere, (men, women, and transgender people) in Mexico and the world, to take the science-based sanitary measures necessary to allow us to move forward and get through this pandemic alive.” They forcefully criticized official responses and outlined …

Zapatistas Respond to the Coronavirus – Schools for Chiapas pledges a Million Peso Donation. Please join us! READ MORE »

Sowing Rebellion for 2020

2020 hails in a new decade, and with it, an entirely new context for all of us, across the globe. For Schools for Chiapas’ work in solidarity with Zapatista autonomous communities over the last year, this has meant tracking many moving parts — the domino-effect of brutal immigration policies stemming from the U.S., the dynamics of a new administration in Mexico, the realities posed by global climate change, and the response of the MAREZ (Zapatista Rebellious Autonomous Municipalities.) In this post, I attempt to share where we have been in the last year to lead us to where we are …

Sowing Rebellion for 2020 READ MORE »

Schools for Chiapas Summary 2019.

Over the last twenty-three years, your support has allowed “Schools for Chiapas” to provide resources and training for Zapatista educational promoters, students, and community members who work at Mayan autonomous education centers and autonomous Mayan schools in the Mexican southeast.

Second International Gathering of Women Who Struggle

Alright now you know the date and the place, and you can go about organizing yourselves to come or to send someone or to put someone in charge of reporting back to you what happened and what we said. Then even if you are far away, you’ll know that our duty as women who struggle is to not let that little light that we gave you go out. You’ll know that that little flame isn’t just for light, but to burn down the whole damned patriarchal capitalist system.

“Development” and Extraction: Water Scarcity in Chiapas

The colors of the May rains. How many greens can there be? The green of the grass reflected in the hanging dewdrops, the shadowy greens of the river cypresses, the purple green, the silent green of the pines, the dignity in the stillness of the fog that surrounds the scene; a mountain slope of conifers and oaks whose roots support the thin soil of the highlands. How can this be the place where we hear about water problems? How can these greens coincide with water scarcity? Unlike the Mexican states of Oaxaca and Guerrero, with large deserts, Chiapas is known …

“Development” and Extraction: Water Scarcity in Chiapas READ MORE »

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