Chiapas, the State with the Highest Rate of Aggression Against Journalists

“In Mexican territory, the violence of the State, which includes the presence of organized crime in collusion with governments at different levels, has caused zones of silence where there are no conditions in which to carry out our work. Journalists have been murdered, disappeared, threatened and forced to move out of their entities, said journalists in a protest against aggressions and deaths.”

Dispute Over Control of Market Incites Panic in San Cristóbal

From the Editor’s Desk Several burned vehicles were left behind  following a confrontation between armed groups that sowed terror and panic for at least four hours, as they drove around the public road with their high-powered weapons without the security forces intervening, presumably due to the dispute over the administration of the market in the northern zone of San Cristóbal de la Casas, Chiapas. Police sources said that the hooded subjects, who carried long weapons and some bulletproof vests, according to images transmitted on social networks, blocked the road to Chamula  shortly before noon with heavy vehicles and the south …

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From the American Dream to the American Nightmare

The United States will find its exceptionalism when it confronts reality from the perspective of the iconoclasts and rebels who break with the racism and the imperialist strategies promoted by the dominant classes of white, anglo-saxon, protestant (WASP) United States

Update: Nuevo San Gregorio Urgent Action:

Acts of violence against the Zapatista community of Nuevo San Gregorio continue.
We ask national and international solidarity to express their condemnation of the Mexican State’s negligence and the increase of violence in community of Nuevo San Gregorio today!

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