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Schools for Chiapas’ work with Zapatista communities is entirely dependent upon the generous donations we receive from our supporters and we LOVE our recurring donors. Just fill in any amount at the bottom of this page and how often you would like to make this donation (monthly or annually).

Recurring donors are critical to supporting our long-term projects including schools, health programs, women’s empowerment and sustainable agriculture in the Zapatista communities. Even small regular contributions are helpful to grassroots organizations like ours because they give us a reliable base from which to grow.

We invite you to think about it this way: if you spend $2.50 for a cup of coffee every working day, you’re putting out about $50 per month for your daily cup of java. Could you manage to give one of those cups of coffee each week to support Zapatista education?

We are now able to process recurrent donations via PayPal!
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