Lupita’s Secret

Zapatista girl in blue shirt

Lupita´s secret” tells the story about how the organized Zapatista communities of the Mexican southeast resist in the face of the megaprojects of the bad government.

Written in March of 2019, “Lupita’s Secret” is an audio story written in response to to the increasing pressures imposed Zapatista autonomous communities and other indigenous communities by the “Fourth Transformation” of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Encroachment by special economic zones slotted for the develoment of megaprojects, and the simultaneous militarization of the surrounding areas by both official and unofficial forces, threaten the livelihoods and the balance of these communities, their ecosystems and ultimately our planet. “Lupita’s Secret” insists that another world is possible, and exists, in defense of life and land against the forces of the bad government in the indigenous communities of the mountains and jungles of Chiapas, Mexico. We hope you enjoy this story, in English or in Spanish!

Schools for Chiapas is honored to have accompanied the Zapatista communities in their process of building autonomy, from schools to forests, for the past 23 years. If you appreciate this story and would like to contribute to our work educating about the dignified stuggle of the autonomous Mayan communities in Chiapas, please donate here. Or if you prefer, browse our Gifts of Change Catalog.

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