Seven Lessons for Social Justice Activists from the Zapatistas

Justin Wedes

The seven lessons for social justice activists from the Zapatistas as explained by Justin Wedes (founder and co-Principal of the Paul Robeson Freedom School), are:
1 — Lead by Obeying / Obedecer y no Mandar
2 — To represent; not replace / Representar y no suplantar
3 — To work from below and not seek to rise / Bajar y no subir
4 — To serve; not self-serve / Servir y no servirse
5 — To convince; not conquer / Convencer y no vencer
6 — To construct; not destroy / Construir y no destruir
7 — To propose; not impose / Proponer y no imponer

Quintessential lessons for all. Great article, Justin Wedes, thank you!

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