Health Workshops and Classes

Zapatista lab technician
Photo credit: Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group

Health workshops and classes are an essential form of continuing and extending higher education in the Mayan communities of Chiapas,  Mexico.  Zapatista health promoters often take ongoing training in a variety of medical specialties including laboratory analysis, vaccination campaigns, nutrition, women’s health, herbal medicines, prescription eye glass production, acupuncture, surgery, trauma, public health, commercial pharmaceuticals,and many others.

Most health promoters continue to study a wide variety of medical issues over the years to be prepared to address the many health issues which arise in their local communities.

Schools for Chiapas responds to specific requests from Zapatista health systems to organize needed trainings.  Often we can find a match within our core teams; sometimes we have to search beyond our immediate core group to organize a needed health workshop or class.  Nevertheless, these unique health workshops sponsored by Schools for Chiapas meet community needs which would otherwise go unaddressed.

If you are a health professional, please consider volunteering.

Not a health professional?  Please consider offering your support of this important work.

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