Galeano lives! New graphics available for public use!

Galeano, a Zapatista teacher, was murdered on May 2, 2014 while defending a community school in Chiapas, Mexico. Because of this horrific attack near the Zapatista caracol of La Realidad which left 15 other Zaptistas hospitalized (learn more details here), people of conscience everywhere are publicly standing with the Zapatistas.

Schools for Chiapas is offering the following graphics for free use by everyone. Please download this image and share the photo of the murdered teacher Galeano far and wide. Also, be sure to sign and join the Call for Action in Support of the Zapatistas at

Below are four versions of the graphic: a large image with text and another with no text; and a medium image with text and another with no text:

Galeano vive Zapatistas Chiapas La Realidad
Text reads: Galeano lives!




Text reads: Galeano lives!
Text reads: Galeano lives!



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