“For them, and with them, we struggle”: Zapatista women

Photo: Francisco Lion


Women of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) shared a message dedicated to all the women who are “no longer here” and assured that their struggle is “for them and with them”.

“Because we do not forget, because we do not forgive, for them and with them, we struggle,” reads the message disseminated by the Zapatistas on the occasion of International Women’s Day, this March 8.

Below is the complete message:

The Women Who Are No Longer Here

Their histories

Their joys and sorrows

Their pain and rage

Their memories and omissions

Their laughter and tears

Their presence and absence

Their hearts

Their hopes

Their dignity

Their calendars:
The pages they were able to turn
The ones they left unturned, and the ones left to us to turn

Their screams

Their silences

Yes, above all, their silences

Whoever you are, do you hear these women?
Who does not recognize him or herself in them?

Women who struggle
Yes, us

But above all, them:
Those women who are no longer here
But who are with us nonetheless

We do not forget them
We do not forgive those who took them from us
We struggle for those women, and with them

From the Indigenous Zapatista Women
March 8, 2021

Published March 8th by Desinformémonos. https://desinformemonos.org/por-ellas-y-con-ellas-luchamos-mujeres-zapatistas/.
Translation of the compañeras’ message by Enlace Zapatista. http://enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx/2021/03/08/las-que-no-estan/.

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