“Who are the Zapatistas?” ~ Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day

In celebration of 2014 Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Schools for Chiapas is proud to announce the release  of  our new classroom video : “Who are the Zapatistas?”


(For Spanish, click here/Para Español, haz click aquí)

“Who are the Zapatistas?” is a short, upbeat video in both English and Spanish for students and educators offering a clear and concise introduction to the contemporary Zapatista movement in Chiapas, Mexico.  It is part of the classroom video series entitled “Teach Chiapas”.

In just 8 minutes of classroom time, your students will learn:

  • what the Zapatista “uprising” in 1994 was.
  • how the Zapatistas are building a better world.
  • why the Zapatistas are constructing “autonomy” (and what that word means).


  • available online for easy and free classroom viewing.
  • Spanish and English language versions of the video are available.
  • archival footage recorded by Zapatista filmmakers.

Free educational materials that accompany “Who are the Zapatistas?”:

 Click here for English version             Click here for Spanish version

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