The war that has been declared against the native peoples, guardians of mother earth, obliges us to act in an organized manner in defense of life.

To the peoples and governments of the world

To the media

To the National and International Sexta

To the human rights organizations

We, the indigenous peoples of the National Indigenous Congress, repudiate the cowardly attack that the Regional Organization of Coffee Growers of Ocosingo (ORCAO) carried out against support bases of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, in the autonomous community of Moisés Gandhi, in Ocosingo, Chiapas, during which our comrade Gilberto López Sántiz was seriously wounded.

The attack with large caliber weapons caused a wound that perforated the diaphragm, made three holes in the large intestine, in the stomach and finally in the spleen, which means that the comrade is in serious condition; a situation that is complicated by the insufficient medical attention he has received. The comrade urgently requires intensive care but has not been admitted or transferred to a place where he can receive the necessary attention.

Meanwhile, at the time of issuing this communiqué, the armed attacks against the Moises Gandhi Autonomous Community continue with complete impunity and indifference on the part of the bad governments.

We express our full support to the autonomous community of Moises Gandhi and the Support Bases of the EZLN and express our indignation and rage.

We hold the governments of the three levels responsible for the escalation of violence against the Zapatista support base communities, as well as for the integrity and life of our compañero Gilberto López Sántiz,

For the above reasons we demand:

  1. That comrade Gilberto López Sántiz be given immediate and adequate medical attention.
  2. That the armed attack against the Moisés Gandhi community be stopped and that their autonomous territory be respected.
  3. That the material and intellectual authors of these paramilitary attacks be punished.
  4. That the armed groups through which the war against the Zapatista communities is active and growing be dismantled.

We warn once again of the war that has been declared against the original peoples, guardians of Mother Earth, and that obliges us to act in an organized manner in defense of life, for this reason our sisters and brothers of the Zapatista indigenous communities are not alone.


For the Integral Reconstitution of Our Peoples

Never Again A Mexico Without Us

National Indigenous Congress

May 24, 2023

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