Chiapas Closed Electoral Campaign as State with Most Political-criminal Violence

Chiapas closed campaigns as state with the most political-criminal violence.
Image: Data Cívica

Data Cívica, a feminist organization that uses data and technology as tools for the defense of human rights, ranked Chiapas as the state with most incidents during 2024 in its May report, “Voting between Bullets: Understanding Criminal-electoral Violence in Mexico”.

For the organization, May 2024 was not only the most violent month of the campaigns, but also the worst since they had a record in the Voting between Bullets database, with 137 incidents of political-criminal violence, of which 57 were against candidates for a popularly elected position.

In total, since the beginning of the federal electoral period, on September 7th, 2023, and until election day, June 2nd, 2024, 129 attacks against candidates were recorded, of which 34 were murders. And no party was spared from this violence.


According to the report’s data, the murder of a candidate from the Chiapas Unidos party was documented, plus eight militants of the National Regeneration Movement; including a woman.

Armed attacks: one candidate from the Chiapas Unidos party, four against MORENA activists (including a woman and a family member) and a woman from the Green Party. Also, a threat was made towards a PVEM candidate.

Attacks: against a candidate from Chiapas Unidos, another against a candidate from the PRD-PAN-PRI and a candidate from MORENA. Added to this was the double kidnapping detected against militants from Chiapas Unidos.

Data Cívica recorded seven murdered candidates, and 50 candidates who suffered other types of attacks. In addition, of the candidates attacked in May 2024, they registered 74 more people in the field of politics who suffered some type of attack by organized crime groups, of which 38 were murdered.

In total, 131 people in the field of politics were allegedly attacked by organized crime groups, plus six installations attacked during the month prior to the national elections.

May 2024 has been the month in which the most victims of political-criminal violence have been registered during the entire period for which they have registered since January 2018.

Original article by Andrés Domínguez, Chiapas Paralelo, June 10th, 2024.
Translated by Schools for Chiapas.

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