The government “is on the side of the businessmen who are the land grabbers” – Múuch’ Xíimbal

In recent years the Mayan community of Ixil Yucatan has been the target of several attempts to dispossess them of their lands; first for the installation of large-scale wind energy projects, then for real estate speculation, under false pretenses entrepreneurs attempted to take their lands but the community have manage to recover them; now they are again trying to dispossess them of more than 300 hectares that are being used for community projects. Last August 17, the Yucatan state police prevented them from accessing their lands because of an alleged sale they had made, which the ejidatarios deny having sold.

Second International Gathering of Women Who Struggle

Alright now you know the date and the place, and you can go about organizing yourselves to come or to send someone or to put someone in charge of reporting back to you what happened and what we said. Then even if you are far away, you’ll know that our duty as women who struggle is to not let that little light that we gave you go out. You’ll know that that little flame isn’t just for light, but to burn down the whole damned patriarchal capitalist system.

Video: Women in the Zapatista Movement

Check out the first installment of our Teach Chiapas video series! “Women in the Zapatista Movement” is a short video for educators and students that offers a clear introduction to women’s participation in the Zapatista movement in Chiapas, Mexico.

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