Second International Gathering of Women Who Struggle

Alright now you know the date and the place, and you can go about organizing yourselves to come or to send someone or to put someone in charge of reporting back to you what happened and what we said. Then even if you are far away, you’ll know that our duty as women who struggle is to not let that little light that we gave you go out. You’ll know that that little flame isn’t just for light, but to burn down the whole damned patriarchal capitalist system.

Teach Chiapas Video Series

        Welcome to the Teach Chiapas video series! Check out our latest video, “Galeano Vive! Painting a Zapatista Teacher.“ With public school students and teachers in mind, Schools for Chiapas is producing a series of lively and accessible videos for free classroom use.  Each video offers a quick and appealing introduction to one aspect of the Zapatista movement of Chiapas, Mexico. These free, online videos are all under 15 minutes long, and include lesson plans, study guides, and and bilingual transcripts to help structure classroom discussions and activities.  All videos are available in both English and Spanish language …

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