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Teach Chiapas Video Series

        Welcome to the Teach Chiapas video series! Check out our latest video, “Galeano Vive! Painting a Zapatista Teacher.“ With public school students and teachers in mind, Schools for Chiapas is producing a series of lively and accessible videos for free classroom use.  Each video offers a quick and appealing introduction to […]

For women in Chiapas, working toward a ‘life free of violence’

Before the Zapatistas, women had no control over their lives. “They basically had to ask their husbands or their fathers for permission to leave the house. They were married very young and had children throughout their reproductive years.” Laurie Liles reports on the ongoing struggle of women in Chiapas to break the chains of patriarchy […]

The Zapatista Women’s Revolutionary Law as it is lived today

This essay on the Zapatistas’ Women’s Revolutionary Law twenty years on, draws on Zapatista women’s reflections, together with a decades-long engagement with indigenous feminism and Zapatismo. Engaging difference through respect rather than negation can also move us beyond impasses within contemporary feminism, political theory, and rights-based activism.