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Joint Pronouncement for Life

To the people of Chiapas To the EZLN Good Government Council To indigenous and peasant organizations To the federal, state and municipal governments To the federal, state and district health authorities San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico, April 20, 2020 From the South of Mexico, social organizations, civilians and diverse collectives came together to […]

The Beast Knows No Shame

“The capitalist hydra, the destructive beast, tries to hide behind other names in order to attack and defeat humanity. One of the names behind which it hides its project of death is “megaproject,” which means the destruction of territory—the entirety of a territory, including the air, water, land, and people. The beast uses the megaproject […]

Those from Below: Violence against the communities is not in quarantine

By Gloria Muñoz Ramirez Repression, harassment and threats against peoples and communities are not known to ever be quarantined or at a safe distance. These weeks, while the focus remains on the health emergency of Covid-19 and on calls to stay home, the bosses, criminal and paramilitary groups, among other violent actors, are very far […]

Solidarity in the Time of Coronavirus

“We have seen that modern countries, despite their health and safety infrastructure, in a matter of days become a deadly and heart-rending nightmare. If this happens in those places, with the budgets that they have, what will happen if this pandemic arrives in the towns and communities made up mostly of native peoples and mestizos […]