OCTOBER 12, DAY OF RESISTANCE AND INDIGENOUS DIGNITY A CALL TO ACTION   STOP THE WAR AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF MEXICO AND THE WORLD, TOWARDS THE ZAPATISTA PEOPLE AND TOWARDS THE ORIGINARY PEOPLE OF MEXICO To the people of Mexico and the world, To the National Coordination Space Against War, To the National Assembly for Water and Life, To the fathers and mothers of the 43 disappeared from Ayotzinapa, To the organizations and groups that defend human rights, To the Networks of Resistance and Rebellion, To the Sixth National and International, To the signatories of «A Declaration for Life» on the …


Call for Solidarity Letters for Freedom of Political Prisoners in Chiapas

The Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Center for Human Rights and prisoner support group No Estamos Todxs are making a call for people of conscience to show their solidarity with political prisoners in Chiapas by writing letters of solidarity to them. The prisoners include EZLN Support Bases, Manuel Goméz and José Díaz, and the five environmental defenders from San Juan Cancuc, Manuel Santiz Cruz, Agustín Pérez Domínguez, Juan Velasco Aguilar, Martín Pérez Domínguez and Agustín Pérez Velasco. Please show your solidarity by participating in this action following the guidelines contained in the article. Thank you!

Women defenders of Mother Earth denounce that “organized crime has increased uncontrollably.”

“Gathered around a traditional altar of the Cho’l people, in the Palenque region, in the state of Chiapas, women from different latitudes gathered to share the contexts of our communities and territories. We met again with joy, sharing tenderness and hope, in spite of the bleak panorama we are currently experiencing….”

Schools for Chiapas is honored to contribute to this gathering of women defenders of community and territory.

Chiapas: New Blood, Old Wars

Carlos Santos Cid provides an analysis of the current context in Chiapas which includes the increasing presence of organized crime, the process of remilitarization, and the links between these and megaprojects, such as the Mayan Train. He examines the historical background since the Zapatista uprising and the counterinsurgency low-scale war using paramilitaries. He pulls these threads together and gives some hope as to a way forward. ”We believe that the strongest option is from below: communities have the possibility through peaceful alternatives to shield themselves, understanding that this war for control is not only an armed one, it is also cultural. We must rebuild and strengthen the social fabric.”

Cochimí people say that mining companies “are hitting us in the mother.”

Our compañero Águila of the Cochimí people of Baja California tells of their struggle against the mining companies that contaminate and steal their water and food sources, and dispossess them of their land.

“But we have to be aware that Mother Earth is a living being and we should affect her as little as possible. “We see Zapatismo as a philosophy of the indigenous peoples, which has come to sow the seed of resistance and teaches us to seek good living, to take care of the earth, fight for life, that is why we say that we are against capitalist development, but we want the best for the next generations.”

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