Anti-Imperialism Today

With regard to the recent NYT attacks on AMLO, and the Mexican President’s retaliations Raúl Romero examines the current electoral and geopolitical contexts (in both the U.S. and Mexico) and asks…

What does it REALLY mean to be anti-imperialist today?

”Ballot Boxes and Graves”: College of Mexico Warns of a Violent Scenario in Elections

As elections draw closer, fears of an exponential surge in violence mount. “Such high levels of violence are clouding the quality of democracy and governance in the country. In particular, electoral violence, that intentionally implemented by the perpetrators to modify both the results and the electoral processes, distorts the virtues of a democratic regime. The outlook is black and murky for the Mexican elections.’’


“If the communes or agrarian communities and ejidos of almost the entire country, but especially in the deep south, were not colored by revolts and stories that paid with blood for Article 27 ….I would say without reservation that I fully accept the proposal of common and non-property…However, the historical-epistemic root of indigenous agrarian communality, particularly in Mexico, differs correlatively from the common…”

Respectfully raising questions of the common and non-property, the author draws on the history and complexity of the struggles that culminated in the Accords of San Andrés.

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