Controversial New York Times piece about Oventic

A New York Times writer visited the Zapatistas in Oventic in 2008 and came back with a blog report that infuriated supporters and readers sympathetic with the indigenous rebels. In the Village of the Zapatistas by Matt Gross, garnered many passionate responses, including the acerbic wit of a journalist very familiar with the Zapatistas, John Ross: The commodification of the Zapatista movement recently reached absurdist heights with the New York Times designation of rebel villages in southeastern Chiapas as a hot budget tourist destination. “Chiapas Is Cheap! Indian Villages Flourish And The Price Is Right!” read the cut line in …

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Zapatista Code Red

Naomi Klein visited Chiapas in 2007, sharing a platform with Marcos and the EZLN at a conference in CIDECI, on the outskirts of San Cristobal. Here in a report for The Nation, she looks beyond the absurdity of ‘Zapatourism’ in San Cristobal and alerts to the ominous sound of war on the horizon in Chiapas.

Klein on Marcos

Despite her fashionable cynicism regarding the EZLN at the start, author Naomi Klein finally came around to appreciating the Zapatistas as, in her words, “a dreaming revolution.”

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