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Sun Tzu under the pillow

Raul Zibechi looks at the indigenous movements, the Zapatistas and others, through the wise words of 5th century warrior, Sun Tzu.

TEACH CHIAPAS: Autonomy and teaching about the Zapatistas

TEACH CHIAPAS features delightful stories and snappy videos, interactive timelines and colorful maps, primary source Zapatista materials and photo galleries, social media and up-to-date newsletters, plus lesson plans and classroom activities. Much of the English language content, classroom videos, photos, and lesson plans have never been available before…certainly there’s never been an English language resource like TEACH CHIAPAS.

Zapatista Children and the Secrets of War

A lovely, insightful glimpse into the lives of children within the Zapatista struggle from Alex Contreras Baspineiro. In the rebel towns of the Mexican state of Chiapas, writes Alex, there are dozens, hundreds, thousands of boys and girls struggling among war and poverty. They are an active part of the Zapatista revolution.