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2012 – End of the World? Zapatistas Renew with Fire

“Did you hear that? It’s the sound of their world tumbling down. The sound of ours resurging. The day that was the day was night and night will be the day that will be day.” With this message Subcomandante Marcos, accompanied by thousands of indigenous people who symbolically took over five Chiapas cities, set the […]

Zapatista students in front of squash containers holding GMO-free corn tortillas in Chiapas, Mexico

Threat of a New War on the Indigenous Haunts Chiapas

Shortly before his death in 2007, the acclaimed French sociologist Andrés Aubry (and for 35 years, an activist on behalf of the indigenous of Chiapas) wrote this piece for the newspaper, La Jornada. He warns of a new threat to Zapatista territory in the form of the re-activated paramilitary groups.

Zapatismo Today and Tomorrow

In this insightful piece, Zapatismo Today and Tomorrow, Mexican writer and La Jornada columnist Luis Hernández Navarro interprets the meaning of the Zapatista rebellion in January, 2004. Published by Americas Program, Interhemispheric Resource Center (IRC).

A State Denying Its Roots: Ten Million Indigenous People

Another excellent piece published in Nicaragua’s Envio journal, this one on indigenous rights in Mexico. “We don’t want to stop being indigenous, we want to stop being poor.” The Mexican government, however, has buffeted them with the Indigenous Law, now upheld by the judicial branch as well as the executive and legislative branches, which neither […]

Peace in Chiapas: The Curse of Sisyphus?

Sisyphus was condemned to push a huge boulder to the top of a hill. When, after enormous effort, he was finally on the verge of completing his task, the boulder slipped away from him and rolled back down to the bottom. Sisyphus had to start all over again, without ever seeing his efforts bear fruit. […]