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Zapatista Code Red

Naomi Klein visited Chiapas in 2007, sharing a platform with Marcos and the EZLN at a conference in CIDECI, on the outskirts of San Cristobal. Here in a report for The Nation, she looks beyond the absurdity of ‘Zapatourism’ in San Cristobal and alerts to the ominous sound of war on the horizon in Chiapas.

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Eduardo Galeano on Zapatismo

Zapatismo, Ancient Touchstone Become Modern: Eduardo Galeano The wonderful Latin American writer talks to La Jornada in 2000 about what the Zapatistas mean to him, and their place in the history of the regions struggle.

Understanding the Acteal Massacre

The Politics of Massacre: Acteal, Low Intensity Warfare and NGOs George Caffentzis looks for answers as to why this terrible massacre occurred. He points out the links between the paramilitaries and state military, and the employment of low intensity warfare in Chiapas to defeat the Zapatistas.

Acteal Report – Between Mourning and Struggle

Acteal: Between Mourning and Struggle is a report by Fray Bartolome Human Rights Center released in March 1999, less than two years after the massacre. The distinguished Human Rights organization concludes that a logic of low intensity warfare has been followed against any political adversary of the State or Federal Government. The objectives of this […]

Hollywood to Chiapas

The veteran US reporter/poet John Ross covered the Zapatistas from the very beginning in ’94 all the way to his death in 2011. An ardent supporter of the Zapatistas, he was also their greatest critic. In this short piece, John reports on that brief moment of time when the Zapatista cause became fashionable amongst a […]