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Why the Zapatistas are stronger than ever

Raheel Hayat writes a convincing argument as to why the Zapatistas are stronger than ever in the wake of the retirement of Subcomandante Marcos in May, 2014. The world, writes Raheel, should pay attention and commend the Zapatistas for once again showing us that a path towards creating an egalitarian community based on democratic principles […]

Subcomandante Moises on Galeano

Subcomandante Moises addresses the multitude gathered in La Realidad in May, 2014, to commemorate the death of the teacher Galeano, and announces the next steps for the Zapatistas.

Death of a Zapatista – Neoliberalism’s Assault on Indigenous Autonomy

In the aftermath of the death of Galeano, Levi Gahman writes about the larger context of the Zapatista teacher and activist’s murder. In the contemporary global system of neoliberal production and colonial governance, writes Levi, people like Galeano are deemed to be threats – threats that need to be killed in cold blood and suffer […]

We must all become Zapatistas

In the wake of the decision of the Zpaatistas to retire Marcos and honor the murdered teacher Galeano, Chris Hedges was inspired to write this piece at The most important anti-globalization movement of the last two decades, writes Hedges, has shown us how to resist. And it grasps, as Subcomandante Marcos made clear in […]