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Zapatista corn

In Defense of Mexican Corn

A presentation by four Zapatista representatives from the highlands of Chiapas made to the National Forum In Defense of Mexican Corn held in Mexico City January, 2002

Native Chiapas Bees: Recouping an Ancient Mayan Tradition

An article about the work of indigenous communities in preserving native Chiapas bees, known in Chiapas as Ansil Pom (Tzotzil), Chap (Chol), or Melipona (Spanish). These native bees have traditionally been highly valued for their honey which has strong medicinal qualities and a powerful sweetness.

Protecting Mexico’s Corn Diversity

Statement of scientists, intellectuals and artists against the introduction genetically modified (GM) maize into the Mexican environment and for protecting Mexico’s maize diversity. Mexico City, September 29, 2009.

What the Zapatistas Can Teach Us About the Climate Crisis

Author Jeff Conant spent many productive years working in Zapatista communities. Now he works with Friends of the Earth with a focus on climate justice. In this article he puts his years of experience in both fields on paper: “Probably the most commonly asked question of people just arriving at a deep concern for the […]

Indigenous farming and food as core values of autonomy

After ten years of Zapatista autonomy, Gallo Téenek looks at the organizational form of self-government with particular emphasis on projects in education, health, and agroecology and to highlight the role that women play in these processes. Autonomy is more than direct democracy, he writes, emphasizing how farming and food are central to the idea.