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Klein on Marcos

Despite her fashionable cynicism regarding the EZLN at the start, author Naomi Klein finally came around to appreciating the Zapatistas as, in her words, “a dreaming revolution.”

The Last Zapatista Review

Video Review of The Last Zapatista, focusing on Emeterio Pantaleón, a campesino who grows corn on an ejido (communal farm) in the Mexican state of Morelos. Historically, Morelos is best known for being the home state of Emiliano Zapata, who led the Zapatista armies during the Mexican Revolution, between 1910 and 1919. Pantaleón apparently fought […]

The Zapatista Effect: The Internet and the rise of an alternative political fabric

In this important essay written in 1998, Harry Cleaver looks at the role of technology and the internet in spreading class struggle. Professor Cleaver argues that “the Zapatista effect suggests that the fabric of politics –the public sphere where differences interact and are negotiated– is being rewoven. This is particularly important because these new forms […]