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¿Quiénes son los Zapatistas?

Una introducción al movimiento Zapatista Esta lección se basa en el vídeo de Escuelas para Chiapas “¿Quiénes son los Zapatistas?” y tiene como objetivo examinar y familiarizar los alumnos con el movimiento Zapatista, su historia y orígenes,dónde viven, cómo viven, y cuales son sus esperanzas y aspiraciónes. Materiales: Video Mapas

Resources for Mexican Independence Day

As Mexico gears up for “El Grito” at midnight on September 15th to initiate the celebrations of Independence Day, Schools for Chiapas has published a blog and collected a few classroom activities and materials. We hope these internet links will help teachers bring Mexico to the classroom and take the classroom to Mexico. ¡VIVA MEXICO!

Zapatista FC – Football in the Zapatista Communities

While basketball remains the number one sport played in the indigenous Zapatista communities, football (soccer) is gaining hugely in popularity among both men and women, Here is the amusing tale of how one of Europe’s most-famous football clubs – Inter Milan – nearly came to play a Zapatista selection in the rebel zone. Eventually the […]

Mural Painting in Chiapas with Banksy

Well-known English artist Banksy helped paint a series of murals in Zapatista territory in 2001, accompanying a Bristol based football team Easton Cowboys as they played various football tournaments in the jungle with Zapatista teams. Here is photo essay of the murals and information about the accompanying book Freedom Through Football: The Story Of The […]