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Zapatista snail saying, "We're slow, but we keep going".

What is Zapatista Autonomy?

Autonomy is a word readers and researchers on the Schools for Chiapas website will come across often. It is a key concept of Zapatismo: One will come across autonomous zones, autonomous municipalities, autonomous communities, autonomous education, autonomous health…even an autonomous ambulance! The Zapatista project is defined by the demand for autonomy and it is important to have a clear understanding of the term.

Red Star

Zapatista Autonomy

In this excellent essay, well-known Latin American writer Raúl Zibechi explores the everyday practice of autonomy in Zapatista territories, focusing on education, health and self-governance. He then explains the political developments around the Zapatista’s Sixth Declaration of the Lancandon Jungle which led to La Otra (The Other) political campaign during the 2006 elections.

We Won’t Back Down on Autonomy, declare Zapatista Bases

In this 2012 article, Gloria Muñoz, author of the key Zapatista book The Fire and the Word,  “the most complete version of the public history of the Zapatistas”, outlines the tensions over land in the rebel zones, as local paramilitaries are encouraged by government authorities to attack autonomous Zapatista bases.