Global Call to Action: Our Struggle is for Life!

Campaign in solidarity with Zapatista communities! We demand an end to the war against Nuevo San Gregorio!

We demand an end to the violence that is allowed and supported by the three levels of Mexican government!

Please join us today! January 19-January 30th, 2022

Starting today, at 3 PM CDMX, Red Ajmaq is calling for global action to stop the aggressions against this Nuevo San Gregorio and against other other communities This campaign is to put pressure on Mexican government officials to stop their complicity and abetting of the ongoing war of attrition against the communities Nuevo San Gregorio, Moíses y Gandhi, Patria Nueva, Cuxuljá, those of Aldama and others. Read the call to action here.

We encourage you to read/watch and participate! The full translated report of the caravan is here. The video of the press conferencd is here: Below is a short video narrated by the community members of the community of Nuevo San Gregorio by Red Ajmaq (with English subtitles).

Red Ajmaq call to Action

On January 8 and 9, 2022, the Caravan of Solidarity and Documentation with the autonomous Zapatista community of Nuevo San Gregorio took place, with the objective of documenting the aggressions, threats, and harassment perpetrated by the group of “The 40 invaders” against girls, boys, men, and women of the autonomous Zapatista community. 

As a result of this Caravan, the organizations, collectives, networks, and individuals adhering to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle who participated, presented a report that shows the continuity of aggressions against members of the Nuevo San Gregorio community, belonging to the Lucio Cabañas Autonomous Municipality, Caracol 10, Floreciendo la Semilla Rebelde, Junta de Buen Gobierno, Nuevo Amanecer en Resistencia, and Nuevo Amanecer en Resistencia: Nuevo Amanecer en Resistencia and Rebeldía por la Vida y la Humanidad, in the area of Patria Nueva, territory recovered in 1994 by the EZLN.

With the intention of making more and more people aware of the war being waged against the Zapatista communities, we have decided to promote the campaign “Our Struggle is for Life,” which seeks to deploy all our solidarity with the Zapatista communities and demand a halt to the war in the community of Nuevo San Gregorio and other communities in resistance and rebellion.

We invite other collectivities and people to add their solidarity to this campaign during the month of January 2022, from their geographies and according to their ways and imagination. 

Our Struggle is for Life!
Solidarity with the Zapatista Peoples!
Stop the War in Nuevo San Gregorio!

Throughout this week, we encourage you to create art and music and share it publicly, on social media and/or in the spaces of flesh and blood! Tweetstorms will be on Sundays the 23rd and 30th @12 hrs Mexico!

Use these hashtags!


SolidarityWithThe ZapatistaPeoples.

StopTheWarInNuevo San Gregorio

Stay tuned for updates!

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