Autonomy, Acorns, and Tortillas: Chiapas Workshop & Tour

Friday, June 18 to Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Please join us in the misty mountains and steamy jungles of Chiapas, Mexico for this unique exchange between indigenous peoples of corn, peoples of acorns, and people of conscience.

This tour is hosted by Schools for Chiapas ( and Solidarity Farm with support from volunteers on tribal lands across Turtle Island. (

Dedicated to Mother Earth and the Zapatista Voyage for Life:

Tentative workshop/tour schedule (a collective work in progress!)  

  • June 17, Thursday ~ Travel day – Arrival in San Cristobal de las Casa via Tuxtla Gutierrez (TZG).  Housing will be in comfortable, city housing located in the tourist town of San Cristobal de las Casas.  There will be six days of day trips to carefully planned destinations in Chiapas where resistance, life, and dignity are lived and celebrated.
  • June 18, Friday, Day 1 ~ Orientation and Trip to Oventic– Meet in the Schools for Chiapas office at 9am.  Drive to the highlands and share food. Speaking with Zapatistas about their reality facing paramilitary agression.  Exchange gifts, words, and songs.  * Other possibilities abound (OPA)…
  • June 19, Saturday, Day 2 ~ Zapatista Picnic Grounds and River “Resort” Balneario– Visit communities around the new caracol of Morelia.  Special sales of art and stories by compas. Discussion and documentation of recent aggressions against communities. Open exchange of stories. * OPA…
  • June 20, Sunday, Day 3 ~ Presentation by Fray BA Human Rights Center in the morning. Una Tertulia Zapatista: poetry and concert of traditional Tzotzil music from the besieged community of Magdelena de la Paz, embroidery presentation and sales of special showing of artwork from Magdalena de la Paz, comida @ 2pm (location TBA)
  • June 21, Monday, Day 4 ~ Acteal massacre memorial site and the highland coffee Cooperative Yachil.  Purchase of artesian work and coffee.  Sign up Abejas to receive seeds, plants, and trees. *
  • June 22, Tuesday, Day 5 ~ Nuevo San Gregorio Carpentry and Women’s Embroidery Workshops, Peace Observer Encampment Visit autonomous school and marimba music workshop Planting of oak/pine/fruit trees, and medicinal garden.  Learn to make corn and acorn tortillas. Listen and document testimonies of paramiltary agression.* OPA….
  • June 23, Wednesday, Day 6 ~ Ancient city of Tonina, Museum and Archeological Site. Also a hike to the Zapatista Women’s Papermaking Women’s Co-op in Nuevo Palestine, with a fast stop outside of Caracol 10, Ocosingo.

    * As we meet with communities, we will also be sharing information about our new collaboration, Mother Seeds in Resistance.

    *Presenters ~ Sometimes our knowledgeable friends will speak with us during evening meals and early morning breakfasts, sometimes while we drive the windy roads of Chiapas, and at other times on very short notice between fast-paced program of practical work and study.  We’ll learn a lot every day and share powerful experiences. 

    * So many things to do! Workshop and tour activities are a work in progress, so please send your suggestions to Peter Brown ( or to Erin (
  • June 24, Thursday ~ Departure and Travel Day. Please subscribe NOW to our infrequent online newsletters!


Relevant Travel Information and Links

Application for the workshop / tour: If you are interested in travelling with us, kindly fill out this application. Check specialty delegation #999.

Pandemic protocols:  Only people who are fully vaccinated and enthusiastic about following strict pandemic protocols should consider travelling with us at this time. Costs and scholarships:  Workshop and Tour fee = two weeks of the minimum wage of participant’s country.  Scholarships are available to cover costs of flights, food, lodging, transportation, tour fees, and cash for significant donations to Zapatista and “Abeja” handicraft producers.   Indigenous people, women, and people of color are especially urged to apply.  

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What to bring when you travel in Chiapas:

Donation:  All profits from the “Autonomy, acorns, and tortillas”: Chiapas workshop & tour” will be given to the autonomous communities of Chiapas and the Zapatista delegates now bravely breaking the siege in Chiapas to visit the resistances from below and to the left in Europe .

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