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Portrait of a Zapatista Health Promoter Part II

Chronicles of AutonomyNo. 2 *In November, we began the story of Gabi a young Zapatista health promoter. Her journey continues here. …The morning mist rises slowly, caressing the broad crowns of the trees that shelter the joyous awakening of birds of this hot and humid region. In the truck, health promoters excitedly share their experiences in the communities they visited. Some laugh at the new gossip, while others talk about their vaccine management skills, still feeling a bit insecure. It is only now that the differences in experience and knowledge are visible. During the visit, Gabi could see how one …

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UN Warns of the Risks of Privatizing Water in Mexico

He declared that the water supply is an obligation that all States have signed; “It is not a generous option for politicians or authorities, but it is the right of the population to demand it.” Water, he stressed, is a necessity for a dignified life, “not a luxury or a whim” and must be taken care of by everyone.

Crime Groups Displace Residents of the Lacandon Jungle

The territory on the border between Mexico and Guatemala has been used for decades by groups that traffic illegal merchandise and smuggle people; but the difference with the current situation, he says, is the acts of violence against the population that does not agree (with these activities); the use of arms, the control of roads and means of communication.

Territories of Resistance and Healing

Women’s Movement in Defense of Mother Earth and Territory seeks a way to join efforts with other movements in the country and the world in defense of nature, the environment, peasants, indigenous peoples, and women who are the most affected by the violence of the capitalist system. The movement, driven by the strength and determination of indigenous and peasant women, has sought, since its inception, to transcend individual and local processes, heading towards the regional construction of the Movement to fight against all forms of violence against women and their families generated by the neo-liberal, patriarchal and neo-extractivist capitalist system — from the increase in poverty, migration and drug trafficking, to the dispossession of land by other groups, organized crime, or even sometimes by their own family members.

Zibechi at Sendas, Chiapas – New Pathways, New Hopes, New Challenges

September 11th, a notorious date in a number of calendars and geographies, saw Raul Zibechi presenting his latest book “Mundos otros y pueblos en movimiento” at Sendas (Pathways/paths) in San Cristobal de Las Casas. The event marked the coming together of well-trodden paths in this joint venture between Schools for Chiapas and Imaginarte, and this time with La Cosecha. Other paths and collectives also converged leading to a lively and interesting debate, and rays of hope that shed some light on the dark times that we traverse. 

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