Author name: Monika Jarosz

After Nine Years, the Struggle of the Parents of the 43 is Still Going On

“In psychology there is a thing called the internalization of damages. A harm that has occurred socially becomes internalized. Parents ask themselves if they were not to blame. The five of us sat in on those conversations; we had to let ourselves be touched by their stories in order to understand what was happening to them. Out of that came invisible things that are defining.”

“Never Again a Mexico Without Us” The participation of women in the political project of the National Indigenous Congress.

The CNI is a network of networks that articulates communities with women’s representation and national and regional women’s solidarity networks. In a context of extractivism, internal colonialism and patriarchal violence, the work of women in the tasks of organization and representation of communities is central in the articulation of the CNI described as anti-capitalist “from below, to the left and with the land” (Escobar, 2016).

One step away from arriving. Mexico and its migratory reality

“This is the hardest thing I have ever done,” says Maria about making the decision to emigrate, and she is grateful to God every day for taking care of her on her journey. Maria did not expect the territorial dimension that Mexico has and comments that it has undoubtedly been the most difficult country for her to cross. The complexity of the terrain, the susceptibility to violence, the distance and the hygiene and health care are the main characteristics that Maria mentions.

Chiapas is Mexico. “Global Day of Action STOP the war against the Zapatista peoples.”

Chiapas is Mexico, and as elsewhere in the country, Chiapas is experiencing times of extortion, shootings, forced displacements, trafficking of women and migrants, drug trafficking, kidnappings, assassinations of territorial defenders, journalists, femicides….

We call for the “Global Day of Action STOP the war against the Zapatista peoples. From the horror of war to resistance for life”, on July 13, 14, 15 and 16, with the objective to inform society about the situation of war against the Zapatista peoples and the war in Chiapas.

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