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Stop the War on the EZLN

Gilberto López y Rivas connects the dots of the “wholesale war of attrition” leveraged against Zapatista communities, from paramilitaries to AMLO’s latest statements.

Zapatista health promoter and herbalist in Aldama, Chiapas.

Supporting Zapatista Survival of COVID-19

Between March and August 2020, we successfully reached our beginning goal of over TWO MILLION MEXICAN PESOS (that’s over $90,000 USD!!). Now these funds are being used by the indigenous Zapatista communities in Chiapas to help fight the pandemic. Unfortunately, there is still much to do since the needs remain almost endless, so we are making plans for the long-term. Could you join our volunteer team and help out from home?

Defending Life in Times of Pandemic

Despite wars waged on them from many fronts during the pandemic, Zapatista and CNI communities face the health crisis with autonomous health systems. Raúl Romero describes resistance and resilience in the face of yet one more threat.

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