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Emiliano Zapata and Malcolm X

A Comparison of the Lives of Emiliano Zapata and Malcolm X Objectives: Learners will be introduced to biographical details of these two important twentieth century leaders. This is a jigsaw reading activity. Learners will work in pairs, reading different biographical texts, and then compare and contrast the content.

The March of the Color of the Earth

It’s been 20 years since the March of the Color of the Earth, the Zapatista journey across 12 states that shook deep Mexico. Between the 24th of February and the 28th of March 2001, 24 rebels travelled 3 thousand kilometers of highway, filled plazas along the way and placed in the center of the political debate a radical dilemma: build a country for all or a nation for a few.

Samir Flores: The Wound of Amilcingo

“The shades of regional history are like windows to peek out on the tragedy of the Republic; the project of Zapata converted into a national project. Anenecuilco, Xochicalco and Amilcingo are all communities in the state of Morelos that sum up the dreams, at once modest and profound, of men of the countryside, and the betrayals they have been subjected to, far beyond Morelos.”

Samir Flores: The Ahuehuete That Blossoms

In this profile of the defender Samir Flories, different voices narrate the relationship that Samir Flores Soberanes had with nature, with his family, with the struggle, with the radio, with his people, and with the autonomous school that now carries his name. It narrates the defense of life and gives an account of the flowering that the life of Samir provoked.