Pressure from Migrants Collapses COMAR in Tapachula

The migration catastrophe continues. Mexico is now the biggest migratory corridor in the world and Chiapas is the main point of entry. ‘Crowds in Tapachula are common as it is the entry point for migrants coming from Guatemala. Between January and August of this year, there has been a record number of asylum applications in the border city, with almost 54,000, which represents more than half of all those processed in Mexico between those dates. In addition, state data indicates that Mexican immigration institutions will exceed the 129,000 applications that occurred during 2021, a record year for asylum requests. It is estimated that there will be a total of 150,000 by the end of 2023.”


“531 years after the beginning of the resistance and rebellion of our peoples against the war of capitalist invasion and conquest, and in the context of the 27 years since the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) was founded as the space for struggle and unity of the original peoples of Mexico, WE CALL the peoples of Mexico and the world to redouble our resistance against the death that today more than ever is imposed on us by patriarchal capitalism on a planetary scale…”

Outbreak of violence in southern border of Chiapas exposes population to shortages and insecurity

Battles between cartels and their splinter groups hold thousands hostage as roadblocks prevent the movement of food, fuel and basic goods. Schools are closed. According to state and national organizations, “the Sierra Madre region and the southern border between Chiapas and Guatemala is on fire. The negligence of the authorities increases the risk for the population in the face of constant armed confrontations, disappearances, forced recruitment and displacements…”

Call for Solidarity Letters for Freedom of Political Prisoners in Chiapas

The Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Center for Human Rights and prisoner support group No Estamos Todxs are making a call for people of conscience to show their solidarity with political prisoners in Chiapas by writing letters of solidarity to them. The prisoners include EZLN Support Bases, Manuel Goméz and José Díaz, and the five environmental defenders from San Juan Cancuc, Manuel Santiz Cruz, Agustín Pérez Domínguez, Juan Velasco Aguilar, Martín Pérez Domínguez and Agustín Pérez Velasco. Please show your solidarity by participating in this action following the guidelines contained in the article. Thank you!

Women defenders of Mother Earth denounce that “organized crime has increased uncontrollably.”

“Gathered around a traditional altar of the Cho’l people, in the Palenque region, in the state of Chiapas, women from different latitudes gathered to share the contexts of our communities and territories. We met again with joy, sharing tenderness and hope, in spite of the bleak panorama we are currently experiencing….”

Schools for Chiapas is honored to contribute to this gathering of women defenders of community and territory.

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