Cease Fire Against Ostula

In Ostula, the Nahua defend their ancestral territory and autonomy against a marriage of extractivism, organized crime, and State impunity, a pattern of violence against indigenous peoples that recurs from Sonora to Michoacan, and on to Chiapas.

Raúl Romero shares some history.

Santa María Ostula, unrelenting assault

Santa María Ostula is a paradise that organized crime wants to turn into hell. The Nahua community in Michoacán, zealous defender of their lands and natural resources, is being savagely attacked by the drug traffickers.

In the state of Michoacan, indigenous Nahua defend their land and autonomy from incessant attacks by organized crime. Last week was the latest incident in decades of violence against them.

30 and 40 years of Zapatismo: Learning from a rebellion that did not remain a utopia

An homage to inspiration, members of the Greek collective, Calendario Zapatista outline the key elements of the Zapatista struggle which have taken it from the realm of the imagined into the real over these 30 and 40 years.

“We feel above all the need to express our deep gratitude for what we have learned from them. They are for us a constant source of inspiration and, at the same time, a 30-year challenge to join them in the common struggle against capitalist barbarism. Because we consider ourselves and are part of “that collective heart” that fights against exploitation, repression, looting and contempt for the humble.”

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