Growing Rebellion for 2020

On February 11th 2019, the Zapatista compañeras released a chilling letter to women in struggle around the world, cancelling a much-anticipated 2nd international gathering. Citing paramilitary attacks, precursors to the advancement of bad government’s megaprojects, the compañeras warned that they could no longer keep themselves or others safe in Zapatista territories. Those of us in […]

Schools for Chiapas Summary 2019.

Over the last twenty-three years, your support has allowed “Schools for Chiapas” to provide resources and training for Zapatista educational promoters, students, and community members who work at Mayan autonomous education centers and autonomous Mayan schools in the Mexican southeast.

Second International Gathering of Women Who Struggle

Alright now you know the date and the place, and you can go about organizing yourselves to come or to send someone or to put someone in charge of reporting back to you what happened and what we said. Then even if you are far away, you’ll know that our duty as women who struggle is to not let that little light that we gave you go out. You’ll know that that little flame isn’t just for light, but to burn down the whole damned patriarchal capitalist system.