Biden, Trump, the Migration Crisis, Xenophobia and Border Security

In election year, US politicians seem oblivious to the misery and suffering that causes people to migrate and the knock-on effects that this has in Mexico, preferring instead to use the migration catastrophe as a ball in their electoral game to win votes. ‘’Obviously the debate is not about how to solve the problem, but how to use it in the electoral theater. The immigrants and their experiences are only secondary parts of the cast in this play.’’

35 Femicides in State in 2023

Femicidal violence continues to be a major problem in Chiapas with most of the crimes remaining in impunity. Three femicides have already been registered in the state this year.

Anti-Imperialism Today

In light of the recent NYT attacks on AMLO, and the Mexican President’s retaliations Raúl Romero examines the current electoral and geopolitical contexts (in both the U.S. and Mexico) and offers some thoughts on what anti-imperialism might actually LOOK like.

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